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Help Me Plan My Wedding

Wedding Planning

Professional wedding planners frequently answer the phone to hear a voice on the other end say, "Please - help me plan my wedding!" It's what they like to do best: planning, organizing, and guiding a wedding to fulfill a bride's lifelong dreams. There's little a wedding planner likes more than to see the looks of pure joy on the faces of a couple as they exchange their vows.

To plan a wedding, a wedding planner will meet with the couple and ask questions about their visions for the wedding day. Through this and future conversations, the consultant will develop a good mental picture of what the couple wants and will work hard to create the wedding of their dreams. If they need it, the consult will offer ideas for a wedding theme, type of flowers, style of dress, and other aspects of the wedding ceremony and reception. The wedding planner will ask many questions:

  • Will the wedding be formal or casual?
  • Would the bride prefer a modern- or vintage-style dress?
  • Will the reception have a full meal, finger foods, or light snacks?
  • Does the couple prefer live musicians or recorded music for the ceremony?
  • Will the ceremony be held inside or out?

The wedding planner will begin to draw up a plan for the ceremony and reception using all of the information the bride and groom have shared. Of course, changes can be made during the early stages of planning and even during the mid to later stages, though changes at that point may mean deposits or payments will be forfeited.

The couple's wedding consultant will locate vendors in the area who can provide the services or products that will help create their wedding day. She can travel with the couple to meet with prospective vendors and offer input on their services. After the couple have selected their florist, caterer, photographer, and other vendors, the consultant will place orders for goods and book the vendors' services for the wedding date. If deposits need to be made, the consultant can take care of it.

A bride and groom may feel "out of their element" when it comes to the myriad tasks that must be completed in preparation for the wedding. A professional wedding planner, though, has been through the same tasks dozens, perhaps hundreds, of times. Her experience and confidence often help to ease the frazzled nerves of the couple as the big days looms closer.

When a wedding consultant is asked, "Will you plan my wedding?" she doesn't just offer planning and organizing services. She offers herself as an associate, someone who can share in the couple's dreams and do her very best to make them a reality.

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