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Piano Storage Presents Unique Problems

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Piano storage presents unique problems, so it is especially important to make sure that the storage facility you find will take good care of your piano. Fortunately, you will most likely be able to find professional piano movers nearby, along with storage facilities that are equipped to keep a piano in top condition while it is in storage.

Since pianos are large, bulky and fragile, piano storage presents unique problems when the time comes to move it to a storage facility. For this reason, it is a good idea to hire professional piano movers who are experienced in taking care of pianos in transit. Piano movers will know if your piano is of a type that requires it to be disassembled before it is moved. Professionals will also know how to secure a piano by wrapping it in blankets and using special equipment to keep it from being damaged during a move. Piano moving is a specialized service that is different from moving other objects, but plenty of companies offer this service.

Another reason that piano storage presents unique problems is that pianos that are not stored correctly can sustain a lot of damage. Changes in humidity can cause the wood in a piano to warp, which is one reason piano manufacturers advise keeping your piano as far away from possible from sources of changing heat and humidity, such as dryer vents and fireplaces. Dust can also damage the piano’s components. Even if this damage is not visible, it can have dramatic effects on the way a piano sounds.

Because of these piano storage concerns, be sure to find a climate-controlled storage unit for your piano. Storing a piano in a climate-controlled unit protects it from changes in temperature. Also be sure to rent a piano storage unit that will keep your piano away from heating vents and any sources of moisture. Since concerns about dust also mean piano storage presents unique problems, it is also a good idea to keep any padding or other protective material on your piano while it is in storage. This will prevent dust from getting into the piano’s components.

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