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Pet Travel Services for Your Furry Companions

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Whether you are moving to a new state, a new country or you are just taking an extended vacation, pet travel services will safely transport your most precious cargo. Travel services for pets are ideal for all pets, but they are particularly beneficial if you have pets that do not travel well or who currently have health problems.

Types of Pet Travel Services

Pet travel services range from international pet transport to state-to-state transport. In many instances, you can also choose to have your pet transported either by airplane or a vehicle to your new destination. Here are the most common types of pet transport options:

  • Door to Door Pet Travel – regardless of your travel plans, the door to door travel service for pets will pick up your pets at your door and transport your pets to your new location. Door to door pet services will also board and care for your pets if you need time to settle in your new location before your pets arrive.
  • Air Pet Travel – if you need to transport your pet by plane, an airline pet travel service can arrange your pet’s travel from start to finish including ticket reservations and necessary documentation. For an extra fee, you may also hire a representative to fly with your pet so your pet can ride in the cabin under constant supervision.
  • Ground Pet Travel – ground pet transport services are best if you are moving within a country and if your pet cannot fly due to health problems. Ground pet transport will safely transport your pet in a private car, SUV or van and stay with your pet in a pet friendly hotel for long distance and overnight trips.
  • International Pet Travel – if you are moving to an international destination, a company which specializes in international pet travel will arrange travel reservations for your pet, ensure that all documents and international regulations are filed and completed and inform you of any special pet health considerations which you need to be aware of in a new climate or country.

Costs of Pet Travel Services

The costs of pet travel services will depend on how many pets you have, the method of transport (ground vs. air) and the services you choose. In most instances, pet travel costs an average of $100 plus dollars per pet for short moves and more for longer distance or international moves. However, in some cases, such as if you are relocating for a new job, the travel expenses for your pets can be tax deductible.

Reserving Pet Travel Services

A number of companies offer pet travel services, so take your time to research each company to make sure that you choose the right service for you and your pet; start your research early as well to make sure your pet(s) will have a reservation when it’s time for travel. If you have a pet that is very young, elderly or who needs medication or special care, be sure to ask the company if they are experienced in transporting pets with special needs.

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