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Natural Pet Odor Eliminator

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Pets can be extremely smelly. Dogs and cats have different standards of cleanliness than humans. Your dog may decide that a puddle of mud outside smells wonderful and he'll roll around in the muck. Or your cat will decide to mark every corner of a room to mark her territory. You don't need to get rid of your pets to get rid of their odors. You can use instead any of a number of pet odor eliminators.

A good pet odor eliminator for carpet stains is a natural carpet cleaner or a commercial enzyme cleaner. Enzyme cleaners are especially effective. They have natural organisms that eat away the odor-causing bacteria in the stain, removing stains and odors from your carpet and the padding underneath.

When a carpet stain is new, place newspaper or paper towels above it and press down to absorb as much moisture as possible. When the paper is soaked, replace it and start again. Repeat the process until the stain is dry, then apply an enzyme cleaner.

When a carpet stain is old and it may have been previously treated with cleaners, rent an industrial carpet cleaner to remove them. Use the machine with clean water only, then treat with an enzyme cleaner.

When cleaning upholstery, dab the stain with a cloth or paper towel, if it is not an option to remove the cushion cover and launder it. Dampen the stain with cold water or club soda and blot again. Mix a homemade pet odor eliminator from 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 2 cups of warm water and apply it. Repeat the process until the stain is eliminated. If the odor persists, apply an enzymatic odor remover. Be sure to test for color fastness first.

An excellent pet odor eliminator to sanitize spots on rugs and fabrics is rosemary soap. The rosemary scent has the added benefit of deterring your pet from using the same area again. Gather 1 bar of grated Castile soap, 1 oz of rosemary oil, and 1 oz of rubbing alcohol. Melt the soap in a double boiler. Then add the rosemary oil and alcohol and blend them. Pour the mixture into a large bowl and allow it to set, then use it like any soap.

There are a number of commercial and homemade pet odor eliminators you can use to clean and deodorize your home. The natural or homemade eliminators especially have the added benefit of being eco-friendly.

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