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Is a Pet Grooming Business Right for You?

Pet Grooming

A pet grooming business may provide you with long lasting and steady employment, but to make sure this is the right career for you take these points into consideration before you commit to a career change.

Animal Restraint

A professional pet groomer needs to be an efficient and skilled animal restrainer. The right type of animal restraint techniques will safely restrain an animal without causing pain or harm to the animal, but you must be comfortable performing methods of restraint for a pet grooming job. Your furry clients may also resent your restraining and grooming efforts, so you can’t take it personally if an animal tries to bite or scratch you.

Physical Exertion

Grooming pets can be a physically demanding job, especially if you will be working with large dog breeds; however, grooming small animals may be physically taxing as well. In addition to restraining animals, there may also be a lot of lifting, leaning over and bending up and down. You’ll need a strong back, healthy knees and hips and strong arms to work at a pet grooming business.

Client Communication

You will need to learn supreme people and pet communication skills to have a successful pet grooming career. The best groomers know how to relate to animals, how to calm and soothe them and how to help them adjust to being groomed; successful professional groomers will also take the time to talk with the pet’s owners to make sure they are giving the pets the right types of requested cuts and additional grooming services.


Most pet groomers are self-employed. As a professional pet groomer you may either open your own business, such as a pet spa or mobile pet grooming business, or you may rent grooming space in a pet facility that offers grooming services. To help increase your success as a pet groomer, you will need to acquire the knowledge and experience needed to manage your own business; considerations to take into account for self-employed groomers include paying state and federal taxes, finding the right type of health insurance coverage and creating advertisement campaigns and supporting networking methods which will help your business to grow and flourish.

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