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Considering Pet Friendly Apartments for Rent

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If you're an animal lover, you're probably searching for pet friendly apartments for rent. More and more apartment complexes are accepting pets, and some around the country are going a step further and including amenities such as on-site grooming and pet walking services to appeal to the growing market of tenants with pets. If you are trying to find pet friendly apartments for rent, there are several issues you should consider.

Check the Lease at Pet Friendly Apartments for Rent

There is no single industry-wide practice for handling pets. That makes it vital that a tenant with a pet scrutinize the lease carefully. It's common for apartments that take pets to impose some or all of the following requirements:

  • Higher rent. Some apartment complexes handle the potential costs incurred by pets by requiring more rent from pet owners. In some cases, the cost may be different for cats and dogs - with cats generally a cheaper pet because they are thought to cause less damage. Also, the increase in rent may be higher for renters with larger pets.
  • Higher damage deposits. Some landlords may instead require a higher damage deposit from pet owners. In some cases, this may come on top of higher rents. 
  • Extra rules for pet owners. Tenants with pets should look through the lease carefully to understand all of their obligations when it comes to their pet. Leases will likely cover the additional rent or damage deposit and also spell out the tenant's obligation to ensure his or her pet isn't too noisy. Noise complaints about pets could be the basis for termination of the lease and loss of the damage deposit.

Precautions to Take at Pet Friendly Apartments for Rent

  • Consider revising lease. Remember that you can negotiate with the landlord to remove or add any clause to the lease. All that's required for a revision of the lease is for both parties to agree and to initial the section of the lease where there is an addition or deletion. For example, if you are bringing a fully grown five-pound toy poodle, the chance for damage is low and you may be able to convince your landlord to lower or eliminate higher rent costs.
  • Inspect apartment carefully. When you choose pet friendly apartments for rent, it's important to conduct an exhaustive inspection of the apartment before moving in. If there's any damage from a previous pet that your landlord missed, you may have to pay for it when it's your time to move out of the apartment. Additionally, an inspection will uncover any hidden issues such as fleas or ticks.
  • Talk to other tenants. Experts say this is a great idea when you are ready to move into any complex. As you investigate pet friendly apartments for rent, find out from existing tenants if the landlord has reasonable rules and regulations about pets. If there have been any issues or problems regarding pets at the complex, existing tenants are probably aware of the situation.

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