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Pest Control Services

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If you’re having a pest control issue, you aren’t alone. Many households struggle with a variety of issues, including ants, mice, termites, bees and more. Here’s a quick guide on what to expect from pest control services.

Insecticide Sprays
Pest control services commonly use insecticide sprays for treating many pests like bees, termites and ants. Many of these products contain inorganic ingredients like boric acid. Typically, the outside perimeter of your home is sprayed.

These sprays are also used for getting rid of wasps, hornet nests and carpenter bee nests. Fortunately, they spray up to 15 feet, so you don’t need to get close to the nest to eliminate the problem.

There are also organic insecticides available. These substances are successful in treating pests, but they are typically less potent than synthetic products.

Pest Traps
When choosing pest control services, they may suggest using traps. Traps are usually set with substances that will reduce or eliminate your pest population. You can also use traps without toxic baits. For example, you might set a mouse trap and use cotton balls for bait. Mice like to collect cotton balls for nesting materials.

Stakes are another option for treating pest issues. For example, for termites a professional might put out stakes containing wood only. Then, once they’ve confirmed termites are in the area, they’ll switch out the wood for poisoned bait. This method can also be used for other pests like ants.

Nets and Spikes
If you have an issue with birds nesting on your home, nets and spikes may be used. These items are strategically placed around your house to prevent birds from nesting. Professionals may also trap the birds and move them to a different location. The nest will also need to be destroyed and the area thoroughly cleansed. This will prevent future issues and property damage.

Natural Methods
Although insecticides and other chemicals will eliminate the problem quickly, some pest control services offer more natural methods. For example, leaving salt around your doorways and windows can get rid of ants. There are also insecticides that are organic, which means the ingredients are naturally occurring on the earth. These products will typically contain ingredients like fatty oils.

Professional Pest Control Services

If you suspect a serious infestation, or if you prefer to leave the job to the experts, consider getting help from professional pest control services. Pest technicians can partner with you to eliminate the current problem and to safeguard your home against future infestations.

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