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Perennial Flowering Vines Will Spice Up Your Space

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Perennial flowering vines will add some sparkle to your yard. Got a wall that could use covering? A pergola that needs some color? Perennial flowering vines are just the thing for you.

Perennial flowering vines solve problems s

For space-challenged gardeners, perennial flowering vines can help solve the problem of not having a lot of room to add interesting shapes and colors. Perennial flowering vines have a number of useful functions: They allow gardeners to take advantage of vertical space; they help cover ugly walls and provide wonderful accents to fences; they soften the hard lines of pergolas and trellises; and they add vibrant color and, sometimes, wonderful fragrances, to the yard.

A perennial flowering vine is one that produces flowers year after year. This is a big plus for gardeners who don’t want to plant new vines each year. Many expert gardeners classify flowering vines two ways – those that climb by twining themselves around a support object such as a trellis or fence, and those that actually stick to the supports. Those that stick to support structures might not be a good idea for all gardeners as they can sometimes actually damage the structure they stick themselves to. Some perennial flowering vines also have fragrant blooms that will fill your yard with the smells of vanilla or clove.

When choosing which types of perennial flowering vines to plant in your yard, it might help to consult with a landscape designer or the pros at your local nursery. Picking the right plant for your space and climate is the first step to ensuring that it thrives.

Popular perennial flowering vines


This vine features blooms in lavender and purple that flower from mid-summer to early fall. Clematis prefers full sun and is a wonderful climber. Because it twists and twines so well, it’s a favorite of gardeners seeking a perennial flowering vine for planting along walls and mailboxes.

Trumpet Honeysuckle

This long-lasting vine is a prolific grower, reaching up to 25 feet. Like Clematis, it also twists and twines well. The red and yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers bloom in mid-spring and last through the fall.

Climbing Hydrangea

This is a slow-growing vine that can reach 70 feet or more. Its bright white flowers are striking against the glossy, green, heart-shaped foliage. It blooms in mid-summer and prefers sunlight.

English Ivy

This hardy perennial is grown for its foliage more than its flowers. It has wide, green leaves. A terrific climber, it can easily overwhelm some landscapes, so gardeners should be careful where they plant it.


Wisteria can climb to 30-40 feet and typically has lavender flowers that hang downward. Wisteria flowers in mid- and late-summer in the U.S. and thrives on full sun to partial shade.

Whatever the variety you choose, perennial flowering vines will provide years of color to jazz up your yard.


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