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Jobs That Still Offer a Pension Fund

Sadly, the pension fund retirement option has become harder and harder to come by in recent years. This is largely due to the fact that employees are much less likely to stick with the same company for a lifetime (or even a decade). However, there are still several key job types that typically offer pension plans to their employees. Keep reading to learn about the best jobs for a pension fund.

Government Pension Funds

Some of the best pension plans available are offered to public service workers. It is estimated that around 80 percent of all state and local government workers were eligible for a traditional pension in 2007. Some common public service positions that are known for good pensions include firefighter, police officer, mailman and teacher. Of course, to earn a pension, employees will need to put in years of loyal work. However, for many people, the great overall benefits offered by such careers make a lifetime in the public service industry fairly enjoyable.

Pension Funds With Union Jobs

Union industries are known to offer a higher rate of pension funds to employees. This fact makes sense, as unions are in place to protect the financial security of industry workers. Overall, it is estimated that around 70 percent of employees who belong to a labor union have access to a traditional pension plan. Many blue-collar industries tend to offer union jobs. Examples include the auto manufacturing industry, mining industry and airline industry.

Large Company Pensions

Among the private sector, large-scale employers tend to be more likely to offer a pension fund. However, in 2007 it was estimated that just 21 percent of private-sector workers were eligible for a pension. Drilling down into the data, it can be observed that 34 percent of all employees for companies with more than 100 employees had access to a pension. In contrast, only nine percent of employees with less than 100 employees were eligible for similar benefits. Looking at industries and careers, individuals in management and professional positions are the most likely to be offered a pension plan. Other careers that offer above-average pension options include construction, maintenance jobs, transportation and sales jobs.

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