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Pavers Are Amazingly Versatile

Concrete and Masonry
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Few building materials offer more design versatility than pavers. With a number of colors, patterns and types of pavers available, virtually any look can be achieved. Whether you're designing a new patio, driveway, walkway or pool area, consider pavers for your next building project.

Paver Colors

There are three main types of pavers – stone, concrete and clay brick. Clay brick pavers come in a wide range of earth tones – from light tans and creams to rich reds and browns. For a broader spectrum of natural colors, you might consider looking into stone pavers. A number of natural stones are ideal for exterior home applications, including granite, quartzite, sandstone, limestone and flagstone. The color spectrum of these stones encompasses a vast number of hues, allowing homeowners to incorporate blues, purples and greens, as well as more subdued earth tones.

Concrete pavers benefit from the ability to be colored with dye. This allows concrete to be colored nearly any pigment under the sun, making it an extremely versatile design product. For added versatility, all types of pavers can be polished, textured or otherwise treated to deliver further diversity in appearance.

Paver Shapes

One of the best ways to customize the beauty of your patio, walkway or driveway is by choosing a unique paver shape. All types of pavers come in a myriad of shapes, from simple squares and rectangles to octagons and circles. Freeform geometric shapes are also available, and serve to provide a more rustic appeal to your design project.

Depending on the paver shape (or shapes) you choose, each unit can be laid in a number of patterns. Circular patterns may allow you to draw the eye to a central point. Herringbone, cobble-lock and basket weave are other types of uniform patterns that have been popular for numerous years.

Benefits of Pavers

Beyond the near endless versatility provided by pavers, there are a number of other benefits to choosing this type of product. First and foremost, all types of pavers are incredibly durable. This makes them ideal for exterior applications, as they stand up well against weather, sun damage and even vehicle traffic. Pavers are also simple to maintain, making it easy to achieve long-term beauty.

Though pavers can range in price, many paving options are very affordable. When considering price, concrete pavers tend to be the least expensive option.

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