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A Parents Kindergarten Guide

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A parents kindergarten guide is a necessity for you and your child. Beginning kindergarten can be an exciting time for you and your child, but it can be extremely stressful, too, especially if your child hasn't been to preschool. Your child may be frightened of being separated from you, you may worry your child isn't ready for school yet, and your child might not know what to expect from the classroom. Here's how to make kindergarten painless for you and your child.

Make Kindergarten Painless

About a month before the big day, change your daily routine to meet the school day schedule. You should make sure you child gets up earlier, eats lunch later, and then spends a part of the day doing projects or activities that are fun, but help to get them in the learning mode, so they're more anxious for school to start. There are several books about going to kindergarten that you can read to your child, so you learn about their fears and excitement about the upcoming year as you discuss the books with your child.

If you're worried about your child being prepared for school, work with them to help them learn their letters and numbers, help them write their name, and even teach them to read. Kids enter kindergarten with any variety of skills, and they'll usually catch up by the end of the year.

On the First Day of Class

If you're sad or apprehensive about your child going off to school, try not to let them see it. They'll be less likely to stress if you seem as if you're comfortable with the idea when you drop them off at their classroom. Don't stick around on the first day of class, either. You should make sure your child is safely inside the classroom, meet the teacher, and then leave. This is especially true if your child is upset. The teachers know how to calm first day jitters.

Communicate with the Teacher

The best time to communicate with your child's teacher is not when you drop your child off in the morning. Instead, email them, call them, or send a note that you'd like to talk to them. That way, they can call you when they have time. Make sure you read all the newsletters and notes that your child's teacher sends home, too. If you follow these guidelines for parents kindergarten, your child's first school year should be a success.

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