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Some Popular Parent Involvement Activities

Preschools and Kindergartens

Starting preschool or kindergarten is a huge milestone in your child's life, as it marks a time during which he or she enters the world of academia to become a successful and productive individual. This is also a major milestone for parents, especially if you want to get involved in school activities with your child. Studies show that parental involvement in school correlates directly with better communication skills, higher grades, and better overall academic achievement, so you should do everything you can to get as involved in your child's school activities as possible. Following are some popular parent involvement activities that can help you encourage your child in school:

Parent Involvement Activities Mean Getting to Know the Principal

One of the easiest—but best—parent involvement activities is getting to know the principal at your child's school. This is useful because it allows you to learn about his or her learning philosophy and determine whether it is likely to work well with your child's learning style. You should also ask the principal about opportunities for parent involvement and what he or she recommends to teachers about keeping parents informed regarding school activities and student performance.

Parent Involvement Activities Include Meeting Your Child's Teacher

Another one of the most important parent activities is meeting your child's teacher during the first few weeks of school. During this meeting, you should ask your child's teacher how well your child is adjusting to school and share your goals for your child. Meeting your child's teacher also allows you to establish a relationship with him or her, which can be useful for communicating about any issues that may arise with your child during the year.

Parent Involvement Activities Involve Attending Back-to-school Night

Parent involvement activities also involve attending back-to-school night, which usually occurs about a month into the new academic year. During this time, your child's teacher usually spends about 15 to 30 minutes explaining the curriculum for the year and his or her teaching philosophy. The teacher may also explain classroom schedules and discipline and homework policies at this time.

Getting involved in your child's school experience is an important part of being a parent, since research shows that children whose parents participate in parent involvement activities have higher grades and a better overall experience in school. While taking time off work to get involved in your child's school activities may be somewhat difficult if you have a demanding job, the ways in which doing so benefit your child make this sacrifice worthwhile.

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