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Painting Over Wood

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When painting over wood, preparing the surface properly to ensure a smooth result is very important. Using the right tools, paint, brushes, and rollers makes painting wood a task that many do-it-yourselfers find enjoyable. Many different types of wood and wooden objects can be painted, and painting over wooden furniture can bring new life to an old piece and a spark to a room.

The biggest problem most people have with preparing wood for fresh paint is sanding. Most people sand too much in an effort to remove the old finish entirely. If the old finish is cracked severely enough to need to have the finish removed, use a chemical stripper to remove the old finish. When sanding, the most important thing is to not remove any of the detailing in the woodwork that is being sanded. Wood putty can be used to repair small areas of damaged wood, and will also need to dry before sanding. Once the surface is ready, dust off the wood so no dust gets trapped in the paint.

Painting over wood requires the right kinds of brushes and rollers. The first thing that is needed is a smaller roller than is used to paint walls and ceilings. Since a light coat of paint is generally desired when painting wood, a small thin roller will provide an easy way to apply paint in tight spaces that can then be brushed over. A light touch to even out the paint with the brush allows the grain of the wood to be preserved. This is most important when using high gloss finishes as they reflect a large amount of light and should be kept wet while the entire piece is painted to ensure the high gloss finish doesn’t dry with brush or roller marks.

When redesigning a room, it may not be necessary to replace furniture that no longer matches the new color scheme. Painting over wood furniture allows a homeowner to bring new life to a piece of furniture and a room. From distressed looks to faux finishes to solid colors, a coat of paint and new hardware can make a worn out piece of furniture stand out as new.

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