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Paint - Maximize Your Decorating Budget

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On home decorating shows, a fresh coat of paint is always the first improvement planned by the decorator. On some of the shows there is a strict budget they need to follow while they quickly redecorate a room, and a new color on the walls is an inexpensive way to quickly change the feel of a room. Painting a room allows the decorator to alter the mood of the room. Selecting the right type of paint, the color and finish can ensure the room looks and feels just the way the decorator intended.

When redecorating on a budget, selecting the right kind of materials can be essential to the success of the project. Choosing the cheapest primer and paint is not always the best choice. Itís usually worth the investment of a few more dollars per gallon to get a better quality of paint that will hold up well.

One of the easiest ways to maximize your budget when selecting paint is to use the same flat white, or slightly off-white paint primer as that selected for the ceiling. It is generally less expensive to purchase a five gallon bucket of paint rather than a few smaller buckets of flat ceiling paint and a few gallons of primer. Many people buy the same amount of primer for the walls as they do paint. However, primer is a thinner consistency than paint and often multiple thin coats may be used for problem areas.

Problem areas where walls have become discolored, damaged, or cracked often require more attention and supplies that can quickly increase a decorating budget. The amount and extent of the repairs needed will affect how a decorator chooses to decorate the room. Cracks and small holes need to be repaired before paint can be applied.

Paint in five gallon buckets is usually offered in both flat and eggshell finishes, which are the most common finishes used on walls. When budgeting for paint, consider how much will be needed and compare the price to a five gallon bucket. Five gallon buckets usually offer significant savings over individual gallons, and ensure all of the paint is mixed evenly to create a consistent color.

Itís a good idea to buy a little more paint for your project than you think you will need so you have some left over for future touch ups.

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