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Packing Materials for Moving

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Moving can be challenging and frustrating. Whether your move is short distance or long distance, whether you're moving yourself or hiring a moving company, you will need the right packing materials to keep your possession intact.

The mainstay of packing supplies is moving boxes. They are excellent for storing and protecting household goods during transportation. They come in varying sizes, shapes, and strengths to accommodate a wide assortment of breakable and unbreakable items. Boxes can be purchased from moving supply stores, truck rental companies, etc. They can also be obtained for free from local businesses like liquor stores, retail stores, and groceries that routinely receive shipments. Be sure to inspect certain boxes used to store goods like fruit which can tend to harbor insects and other pests, though.

A list of other important packing materials includes:

  1. Packing paper which comes in several types for different items
  2. Brown paper for lamps, mirrors and pictures
  3. Cushioning paper to protect easily scratched items
  4. Newspapers for wrapping and stuffing dishes, vases, and other kitchen items which are easily washed or wiped clear of ink
  5. Non-tarnish paper for brass, pewter, and silver items
  6. Tissue paper for stuffing and/or wrapping fragile items
  7. Wax paper for oil type paintings and other art
  8. Foam nuts or peanuts or bubble wrap for crystal, models, figurines, and other extremely fragile items
  9. Interleaved or corrugated cardboard sheets to protect fragile items
  10. Labels for identifying boxes and furniture
  11. Markers for writing labels and inventory lists
  12. Notebook for inventory lists
  13. Packing tape for sealing boxes (2 inch wide recommended)
  14. Plastic bags to organize small items that may otherwise get lost during packing
  15. Regular tape for sealing brown paper wrapped mirrors and pictures
  16. Scissors to cut tape and packing paper as needed
  17. Sharp knife to unseal boxes

No matter how near or far you move, whether you self-move or hire full service movers, you must obtain packing materials for your move. With the right ones, you will help ensure that your household goods arrive at your new home intact.

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