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Packaging Suppliers Have All Your Moving Needs

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Packaging suppliers are a great source for all your moving needs. Rather than spending days scrounging for old boxes and making trip after trip to the store for every item you forgot or can’t find, a one stop packaging supplies vendor will provide you with everything you want.

What you will need

Here is a quick list of packaging and moving supplies you will need:

  1. Boxes
  2. Tape
  3. Tape dispenser
  4. Filler and padding
  5. Markers


You will need small (20), medium (11), large (10), and extra-large boxes (5) with at least a 32 Edge Crush Test rating and a burst strength rating of at least 200lbs. You can find a box’s ratings on the bottom inside the stamp. You will also need three or four heavy-duty boxes (an ECT of 44 or greater, four to six wardrobe boxes, and one or two electronics boxes. Your packaging supplier can help you estimate how many of each you will need, and most companies will buy back unused boxes.

You may also need specialty boxes if you have lamps, pictures, or artwork that you want protected when you move. Again, packaging suppliers will help you with this.

Tape and tape dispenser

You will need at least four rolls of two-inch wide sealing (packaging) tape. Clear cellophane works very well. Tape dispensers come in a wide range of designs. This is an expense that is worth the money. While you may not have need for a dispenser intended for industrial use, but it is a great tool that you will find yourself using long after you have finished your move; find a spot for it in a kitchen drawer.

Filler and padding

Padding and filler are needed to protect your goods from breaking or other damage. Newspaper, brown paper, bubble wrap, and bubble wrap type products, and Styrofoam or polystyrene packing peanuts can all be used depending on what and how you are packing. A good packaging supplier will help you choose what you need.


You need to clearly mark and label all the boxes you pack, especially if you are having a moving company load, transport, and unload your household. Clear markings ensure that boxes end up where they belong.

You have two choices for finding the materials you need for packing up your home for a move. You can run all over town and assemble everything piecemeal, or you can visit packaging suppliers in their stores or on-line. Buying your goods at a one-stop location makes much more sense.

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