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The Benefits of Packaging Companies

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Corporations, the armed forces, and the federal government hire packaging companies to pack their goods and equipment for safe and easy shipping. Many do not ship the goods they pack, though.

Packaging companies provide their customers with access to specialized labor, expertise, and equipment for packaging products and equipment. They specialize in areas like contract packaging, package design, package testing, assembly, logistics and specialty packaging.

Their cost depends on the type of packaging provided. Large or oddly-shaped goods will require industry specific and product specific packaging. Fragile or sensitive products will require extra care. For example, electrical products will need to be packed with static prevention packaging methods. In some instances, packaging companies also insure valuable goods. If an item is lost or damaged during packing, its product value is refunded.

Packaging companies handle a wide variety of goods from heavy industry products like industrial plastic containers and steel drums to consumer products such as clothing and food. Packaging materials are correspondingly diverse. They include: corrugated cardboard boxes in specialized sizes and strength, plastic containers, metal containers, drum wrenches, and drum accessories such as faucets, spouts, and lid savers.

Many large scale manufacturers avoid hiring packaging companies to save on operating expenses by incorporating packaging machinery in their assembly lines. Doing so lets them turn out packaged products ready for immediate shipment. Smaller manufacturers are unable to invest in their own packaging machinery, though, so they must hire a third party packaging company to handle their products.

Packaging companies are required by their field to be aware of and comply with federal rules, regulations, and safety requirements. Food and pharmaceutical manufacturers tend to select industry specific packaging companies. These specialized companies ensure complete adherence to Federal and international standards set for the products they handle.

For international dealings, packaging companies must observe several U.N. regulations. Some packaging related services they offer to their customers are: Packaging Design Services, U.N. Regulatory Training Seminars, and U.N. Performance Oriented Packaging Certification. Facilities for repair and re-certification of used polythene and stainless steel containers as per safety standards are also provided.

Packaging companies provide an essential service for manufacturers that have a large volume of goods to ship and/or have goods requiring specialized care.

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