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How to Find over the Counter Antibiotics

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For many Americans, health insurance is an unattainable luxury, especially if you work at a job that does not offer health benefits and you have pre-existing conditions or financial difficulties that prevent you from receiving private health insurance. Unfortunately, prescription medications—especially antibiotics—are often essential but extremely expensive, and visiting any doctor when you have no health insurance is often unaffordable. Therefore, many drug manufacturers have started offering certain prescriptions over the counter so they are readily available to consumers. While finding over-the-counter antibiotics may be difficult in some cases, it can help to know some resources that can recommend the best antibiotics for you and let you know if they are available over the counter.

Ask Your Doctor about over the Counter Antibiotics

When searching for over-the-counter antibiotics, your best resource is usually your doctor, as he or she can evaluate your condition and recommend the best medication for your specific problem. Some drug manufacturers have started to offer brand-name prescriptions over the counter, so you should always consult with your doctor before taking any medication. Certain antibiotics are only useful for treating specific types of infections, and taking the wrong medication may worsen your condition. If you do not have health insurance but need an antibiotic that is only available with a prescription, your doctor may have samples of the medication he or she can give you. There may also be a generic prescription alternative that is much more cost-effective than the name-brand drug.

Ask Your Pharmacist about over the Counter Antibiotics

If you suffer from an illness and need medication but cannot afford to visit a doctor, your next-best resource is your pharmacist. He or she is extremely knowledgeable about various types of medications—both prescription and over-the-counter—and can let you know if there are any over-the-counter antibiotics that may help you get over your illness. Your pharmacist can also help you decide when you should visit a medical professional versus when you can treat an infection on your own.

When searching for over-the-counter antibiotics, your two best resources are your doctor and pharmacist, as they can let you know if any antibiotics you need are available without a prescription. If you are suffering from any type of illness or have an infection, you should visit a medical professional immediately, as he or she can diagnose and treat the problem appropriately.

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