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Outdoor Hot Tub

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Hot tubs are a great way to relax and unwind and are great for hydrotherapy. If you opt for an outdoor tub, there are numerous choices available. You can have a hot tub added on to your pool or go with a stand-alone hot tub. Of those, you can choose from an in-ground hot tub, an above ground hot tub or even a portable hot tub. Here we will look at several different types of outdoor hot tubs to help you choose the one that best suits your needs and your outdoor décor.

If you already have an in-ground swimming pool or considering getting one, then adding an outdoor hot tub to your pool is an excellent idea. The two can be set up to share water, meaning there is no additional maintenance work for both the pool and the hot tub. The same pump and filter that you have for your pool will also clean the water from the spa. You also won’t have to add any extra chlorine or other chemicals to your in-ground spa or do any additional pH testing and balancing.

If only have the outdoor hot tub then there are also plenty of choices. An in-ground outdoor hot tub can be designed to work with your existing décor, rather than being the central object. Rock, stone, glass and other exteriors can let your in-ground hot tub blend seamlessly into your back yard.

An above ground outdoor hot tub also has its own advantages. You can find a range of sizes and features, just as you can with an in-ground outdoor hot tub. And while they are difficult to move, an above ground hot tub can relocate with you if you should decide to move, whereas an in-ground hot tub can not.

An inflatable outdoor hot tub can go virtually anywhere you want it to. Use an air pump to keep them inflated and a garden hose to fill them. After that, an inflatable outdoor hot tub will give you the same health and relaxation benefits of in-ground hot tubs and above ground hot tubs without nearly as much maintenance or the need for professional installation.

All these different outdoor hot tubs feature a huge variety of sizes, styles, features and prices. With so many to choose from, you are sure to find the outdoor hot tub that best fits your lifestyle.

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