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Organic Gardening Fertilizer

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All plants and gardens need healthy soil in order to flourish and produce the good plants you want. Adding fertilizer to your soil is a great way to provide the needed nutrients to your plants and soil. Some people prefer to keep the chemicals of manufactured inorganic fertilizers out of their yard, especially if they are growing edible vegetables and herbs. Using organic gardening fertilizer can boost the health of your plants and the sustainability of your soil.


Compost is a commonly used organic gardening fertilizer that is great for your garden and also reduces waste by using discarded household items. Fruit and vegetable scraps, crushed egg shells, coffee grounds, lawn clippings and even shredded paper and cardboard are among the many things that can be put to good use instead of being thrown away. These items can release carbon or nitrogen into the soil to help you keep a healthy garden.

You can create your own compost at home by layering compost materials in a compost bin. In about two or three weeks you will have a compost heap ready to fertilize your garden. Compost is also available for purchase in bags, but it is harder to find than a typical inorganic fertilizer. Most hardware stores and even many plant nurseries will not carry compost. If you want to purchase compost you may need to find a nursery that specializes in organic gardening fertilizer or order compost on line.

Liquid organic fertilizer

If you are looking for organic gardening fertilizer in a liquid you will most likely get a liquid concentrate. With the concentrate you can mix it with water. This process will allow you to fertilize a large area with a small amount of fertilizer. Liquid organic fertilizers also take effect much faster than other types of organic fertilizer. The plants are able to absorb the nutrients from the liquids almost immediately, which will give them the benefits of the fertilizer very quickly.

Pellet organic fertilizer

Organic gardening fertilizer in pellet form acts in much the same way as inorganic granule fertilizer. With these the nutrients must be broken down first before the plant can absorb and use them. Organic pellet or granule fertilizers work slower, but they will continually feed the soil and the plants over a longer period of time.

Organic gardening fertilizer is an important part of having healthy soil to grow good plants. A variety of chemical-free options for your fertilizer makes it easy to find or create a safe and effective organic gardening fertilizer.

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