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Online Taxes

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In an age where people conduct most of their financial business over the Internet, it makes sense that options exist for online taxes as well. Whether you want to handle your tax return on your own, find a qualified tax professional or simply send a payment to the IRS, there’s little need to search farther than your computer. Even if you prefer to keep your tax business offline, it’s still wise to understand your online options.

Payment Options for Online Taxes

In previous years, the only way to send a payment to the IRS was to print out all your forms and send a check through the mail. The ability to have online taxes means you can make your tax payments over the Internet using a variety of payment methods, including:

  • Automatic deduction from your bank account
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Electronic check.

Not only do online taxes give individuals a new, convenient way to pay their taxes in April, self-employed individuals can make their estimated quarterly tax payments online as well. For some small business owners, this makes it easier to send in their payments and may help eliminate payment procrastination.

Preparation Options for Online Taxes

Preparing and filing online taxes is now also easier than ever. Some software programs give you the option to connect to their tax professionals online with your questions. Other companies cut out the need for software and allow you to prepare your taxes directly on their company tax preparation website. Regardless of which option you select, most taxpayers will still have the option to electronically submit their tax return to the IRS instead of mailing a hard copy. Depending on which company or software you use, you may not have to pay for the electronic tax filing.

Research Options for Online Taxes

You now also have a multitude of tax research options online. Taxes can be difficult to fully understand because of the ever-changing nature of tax laws. Using the Internet, you have the ability to visit the IRS website at to get the latest information and changes to the tax code. You can also view and print the instructions for the forms you must complete. If navigating the IRS website becomes too time consuming, you can search for professionals in your area to help with your taxes online as well.

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