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5 Tips to Find the Best Online Flower Shop Deals

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If you are searching for online flower shop deals for affordable flower deliveries, keep these 5 helpful tips in mind before you order flowers online.

1. Check for Local Flower Boutique Online Orders

Many local flower boutiques are setting up small business websites for online shoppers. If you need flowers delivered in a hurry, or you are ordering flowers which grow in abundance in your area, you can save a bundle on your bouquets if you buy from a local online flower shop.

2. Orders Flowers Well in Advance of the Delivery Date

To save on shipping and delivery costs, try to order flowers online well in advance of the delivery date – especially if you want to buy flowers for popular flower sale days like Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day or May Day. It is best to confirm your order at least 2 weeks before the delivery date, and many online flower stores offer deals for purchases that are made a month or more before they need to ship.

3. Shop for Bouquets Made with Affordable Flowers

If you want to cut costs on flowers, look for affordable bouquets made with beautiful, but less expensive, flowers. Roses and lilies are without a doubt very beautiful – but they are also some of the more expensive flowers to buy online. Instead, consider a low cost bouquet made with giant sunflowers, colorful daisies, or fragrant carnations.

4. Comparison Shop on Flower and Shipping Prices

Always comparison shop on flower and shipping prices before you settle on an online flower shop for your purchase. By comparison shopping, you can save as much as 10 to 20 dollars on smaller purchases and as much as 30, 40 or even 50 dollars on more expensive purchases.

Keep in mind though, one trick some flower shops use is to hide the shipping costs until an order is almost complete. To speed up your comparison shopping, try to stick with online flower retailers that are upfront and honest about their shipping costs.

5. Look for Online Coupons and Deals for New Customers

Before you buy flowers online, always check for online coupons and online flower shop deals for new customers. Most online flower boutiques offer coupons for monthly specials or specific types of orders and plenty of flower shops give price cuts and incentives to first time shoppers.

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