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Off Peak Heating Conservation


An off peak heating with electric thermal storage (ETS) is a way to store low cost off peak electricity so you can use it to heat your home or business 24 hours a day seven days a week. Here's how it works.

An ETS Heating System

The ETS system is made up of heating elements contained in specially made high-density ceramic bricks. These bricks can store large amounts of heat for long periods of time. Usually, you run your heater when you need it, no matter the time of day. An ETS heating system runs when power demand is low, stores the heat, and then releases it when you need it.

Power is Cheaper When Demand is Low

Power is most expensive when the most people are using it, in both summer and winter, and that's when power companies charge the most for it. This is what power companies refer to as "on peak" hours. Most power companies charge more for electricity during on peak hours. Off peak hours are times when power companies have an excess of power due to low demand, and they usually charge less for these off peak times. This is when your ETS heating system goes to work generating the heat that will keep you comfortable during the more expensive on peak hours.

ETS is Environmentally Friendly

An ETS heating system is environmentally friendly because it is the most efficient way to heat your home, and it uses power more effectively and saves energy costs. They can be used with wind and solar systems, as well. If you're updating your heating system, look into a off peak heating system to help save you money and help become a little more eco-friendly, as well.

If you're not on an off peak electrical plan with your power company, you may have to sign up for a program to receive off peak rates that work with your heating system. Check with your power company to see if they offer an off peak plan. They may have to place a meter on your power meter that measures your off peak usage and shows how much money you're saving each month on your power bill. You may be amazed at home much money you can save each month by signing up for one of these off peak programs, and adjusting your daily routine accordingly.

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