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Building an Off Grid Home

Home Building
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When you build an off grid home, you're living off the power grid, so you have to provide your own services, like water, sewer, and power. Usually off grid homes are extremely energy-efficient because they have to be. Typically, these homes, which many owners refer to as "living off the land," have their own wells, septic systems, and use solar, wind, or geothermal energy for their power needs. Some have a backup generator for those times when no green power is available. These homes are specifically designed to use less power so they can exist off the grid, and you need a special home designer if you want to live off the grid.

Finding the Right Off Grid Design

Most off grid homes are constructed out of energy-efficient materials, like stucco, logs or other efficient building materials. They have extra insulation to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and they're located in an area where they can capitalize on as much solar or wind power as possible. They should be designed with these areas in mind, so you need a designer that is familiar with building an off grid home. They should incorporate money-saving and energy-saving designs within the home, like energy star appliances and LED or low-watt lights. The main idea in these homes is to make sure they can operate on as little energy as possible, so they self-maintain themselves from day-to-day, without relying on backup power from a generator or other source. There are many plans available online, but to be safe, you should have a specific design created especially for your building lot location that takes terrain, sun angle, and other features into account.

The Off Grid Lifestyle

Traditionally, because living off the grid saves energy and these homes are usually located in a rural setting, off grid homeowners tend to utilize their resources extremely effectively. They tend to raise gardens and livestock of some sort, and they tend to want to rely on their own resources rather than the resources of the outside world. Living off the grid is becoming more practical as energy-generating systems like solar power improve in quality and power generation, so building an off grid home is becoming much more common, and as energy prices continue to rise, it seems that more off grid designs will be available in the future.

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