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Odorless Paint is One Less Headache Odorless

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Odorless paint is another way of saying the product is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Often noted by a low- or zero- VOC designation, these paints may also sport the Green Seal, which represents approval from the nonprofit organization of the same name. Odorless paint often comes in the form of clay, milk or limestone. They are water-based and consist of other natural elements rather than chemicals, synthetics and petroleum.

Why Odorless Paint?
Another quality of odorless paint is that it lacks solvents and/or ammonia. While odorless paint may be a bit of a misnomer since all paint will smell to a certain degree, low- or no-VOC paints are lighter and sweeter in odor, and the smell usually doesn't linger. It's a great solution for paint jobs where proper ventilation isn't an option.

Types of Odorless Paint
Clay based paint is the most common form of odorless paint used for interior walls and is a great choice for those looking for natural tones. Milk paint is made with a protein extracted from milk and has been used as far back as the Egyptian times. Lime wash, used for both indoors and outdoors, is better suited for non-smooth surfaces such as brick and concrete.

Odorless paints may not be as durable as traditional paints and can cost up to twice as much. They may be difficult to locate in some stores. Some homeowners have gone as far as making their own odorless paint. In addition, the consistency and color options of odorless paints will not be the same as conventional paint. Be sure to weigh all of the information available and carefully follow all manufacturer recommendations and instructions.

Health & Environmental Benefits
Using odorless paint can save you, your family members and pets from a variety of health problems. Exposure to harmful paints can lead to a variety of ailments including: headaches, ear, eye and throat irritation, lightheadedness, and cancer. Breathing problems are exascerbated by chemically-enhanced paints, so if you have an asthma patient in your home you will want to be especially careful. Using odorless paint also will help the Earth's ozone layer, as well as the ecosystem surrounding the home.

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