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A New Home Inspection Is Your Friend

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You’ve found it – a posh new home in a warm neighborhood near your job and all of your favorite things. But before you lay money down on a major purchase, it’s essential to get a new home inspection. Don’t let your enchantment with your seemingly dream home get in the way of learning about what kind of issues you can run into. Anyone who has seen the movie The Money Pit knows that this fantasy can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Definition of a New Home Inspection: A home inspection brings in an objective, certified expert to examine the structure and internal systems of your home. This includes foundation, roofing, plumbing and electrical systems. Other items under scrutiny include harmful toxic materials, exteriors, the roof and attic, appliances, the garage, and moisture and drainage. This is in no way a comprehensive list.

Purpose: Just like purchasing a used car, you want to know what you’re going into before purchasing a home. For some, it may be worth it to fix up a home that isn’t up to par to raise its value. An inspection will increase your chance that you won’t get unpleasant surprises after you move into your home. A certified inspection also will give you credibility when you try to sell the home. Even if you already own a home that is seemingly in good condition, it can provide peace of mind or alert you to major issues beneath the surface.

Cost of a Home New Inspection: There really is no across-the-board way to determine the cost of your home inspector. Factors include your geographical location, size and complexity of your home, neighborhood and the qualifications of your inspector. Examine quotes, qualifications and interview the inspector – it’s important to feel good about your choice before making this investment.

Inspector for the New Home Inspection: Home inspection is a skilled process, something you don’t want to tackle on your own. The inspector follows standards published by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Finding one is just like locating a plumber or mechanic. Consider word of mouth and customer reviews. You also can call ASHI as 1-800-743-ASHI.

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