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What Do Natural Food Restaurants Serve?

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Natural food restaurants provide a great alternative for those looking to dine out while still eating healthy and high quality food. Many foods, from vegetables to meat, have hormones and chemicals added. Cows may be fed bovine growth hormones, chicken may be fed artificial foods with soy, vegetables and fruits may be treated with pesticides, and all sorts of other unnatural items may be added to almost any food you eat. As a result, some people aim to eat healthy, trying to eat primarily organic or natural foods. Natural food restaurants cater to those who want to maintain this goal of healthy and natural eating, but who still want to be able to eat out for a meal or two. Even those who aren't natural food advocates may enjoy the healthy, fresh, and often delicious choices found at natural food stores.

What do Natural Food Restaurants Serve?

Natural food restaurants can serve any type of cuisine, as long as the ingredients are all natural and don't contain a lot of processed or chemical ingredients. Commonly, the food offerings tend to be on the healthier end- you are unlikely to find a lot of deep fried, grilled junk food at natural food restaurants- but the restaurants are not necessarily health food restaurants. You are likely to get a wide selection including things like free range meats and poultry, and natural freshwater fish.

Natural food restaurants are almost always a great place for vegetarians to eat out as well, as they often cater to the crowd who doesn't like meats as well as the crowd who doesn't like processed foods. Vegetarians may find a wide selection of soy, lentil, beans and other vegetarian options, all prepared in interesting and innovating ways.

One common misconception, however, is that all natural food restaurants serve only organic food. While it is common for natural food restaurants to serve organic products, unless the restaurant specifies this, do not assume that "natural" and "organic" mean the same thing. To be certified organic, growers have to go through a complex certification process. Many small local farmers who grow foods without pesticides may not produce certified organic food, but may still produce natural food that natural food restaurants will use on their menu. If you are strict about eating an organic only diet, you will need to do some research on the natural food restaurants in your area to find which- if any- serve only certified organic food.

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