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Natural Baby Toys Are a Safer Alternative

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There are so many things parents have to think about when bringing their baby home for the first time. At first concerns reverberate around keeping that little one dry and warm and well-fed. But as babies grow and begin to explore the world around them, parents also need to decide what type of toys to surround them with. There are so many baby toys to choose from these days. However, an important thing to remember for babies is, chances are, whatever toy you bring home is going to end up in your baby’s mouth. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of natural baby toys available that provide parents with a safer, non-toxic alternative to many of the items on the market today.

The Danger of Plastics

The big issue with many baby toys these days is the possible presence of potentially toxic chemicals, particularly in those items made from plastics. One recent concern has been with PVC plastic, or vinyl, whose soft texture is achieved with platicizing chemicals that have been shown to be potentially harmful. Information has been coming out for years concerning the presence of these chemicals, and most companies have responded by switching to alternate materials. BPAs have also made recent media waves and have been removed from many baby bottles, water bottles, and other items. Although toy companies have worked very hard to make their plastic items safer, since possibly harmful chemicals keep being found, it’s hard for a parent to feel confident that these are non-toxic toys.

Concerns over Paint

The massive lead paint recall a couple of years ago re-alerted parents to the potential dangers inherent in toy paints. Lead poisoning can lead to a myriad of problems, from kidney damage to developmental delays, and thus should not be taken lightly. If you are concerned about the safety of your baby’s toys, there are online databases available to help you determine what has been included in recent recalls. It’s also important to remember that toys made before 1972 (when a federal mandate limiting lead in paint was put into place) may also pose a risk. So it’s advisable to save those treasures discovered at your local antique store or hand-me-down toys from your own childhood until your child is old enough to know not to put things in his or her mouth.

Natural Materials Provide a Safer Alternative

Toys made from natural materials such as wood and natural fibers like organic cotton, hemp, and wool, are always your best bet when trying to find safe baby toys for your little one. These days, natural baby toys have versions of all your old favorites, are widely available, and come in many unique variations. From chunky wooden cars, to wooden stackers, dolls made from organic textiles, and wooden push and pull toys, there are many items you can give your baby with which he or she can freely explore the world, even with his or her mouth, without you having to worry so much about what’s being ingested.

From plastic chemicals to lead, there’s a lot to be concerned about with the baby toys on the market today. With all the recent media concerning child toy safety issues, natural baby toys provide a safer alternative for your little one.

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