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Murphy Beds: Space Saving Beds for Apartments

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Murphy beds are some of the best space saving solutions for apartments of any size, and these pull down beds are making a big comeback with apartment dwellers who want to downsize.

Best Uses for Murphy Beds

Murphy beds, also known as wall beds, are made to be stowed vertically when not in use, leaving extra space in areas where space is a high commodity. Wall beds are perfect for studio apartments when a bedroom and living space are combined into one area. The beds are also quite convenient in multi-use rooms, such as a home office or sewing room, which also serve as a guest room.

Types of Murphy Beds

Murphy bed furniture is usually made with a portable closet, much like an armoire, that the mattress will fold up into; when the bed is not in use, it can easily be raised and tucked into its own place. Extra add-ons for a pull down bed include drawers at the bottom of the storage frame which can be accessed when the bed is up, book shelves on the side of the frame – and a pull down table (which folds up on the bottom of the bed) which can be used when the bed is stowed away.

Generally any type of mattress can be used for a Murphy bed frame, but the best mattresses are firm enough to support (no box spring is used with a Murphy bed) yet light enough so that one to two people can safely fold up the bed.

Prices for Murphy Beds

Prices for wall beds range from less than $700 dollars to over $1000 dollars – it all depends on the type of frame and mattress included in the furniture set. Extra additional features on the frame – like a bookshelf or pull out table – may also have a big impact on the total cost of the bed. The most popular types of Murphy bed frames are made for full sized mattresses, and queen or king sized Murphy mattresses usually cost much more than the traditional full sizes. Fortunately, with so many price options available – you will definitely be able to find the right type of bed for your furniture budget.

Where to Find Murphy Beds

Thanks to the newfound popularity of these space saving beds, Murphy beds are now once again sold at many specialty furniture shops – particularly those that focus on space saving furniture. You may also find used Murphy bed frames at antique or vintage furniture boutiques.


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