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The Murder Bond - Fees and Bonding Services

Bail Bonds

Defendants who have been arrested for murder, or homicide, charges will attend a bond hearing after their arrest. If the defendant is issued a bond during the hearing the defendant can obtain a murder bond through the services of a bail bonding company that specializes in high crime bonds.

The Murder Bond Hearing

The murder bond hearing will generally take place during the arraignment – but sometimes a separate bond hearing will be scheduled. At the arraignment, and bond hearing, the defendant will hear the criminal charges for the arrest and the judge will decide whether or not a bond may be issued. If the defendant is deemed a high flight risk, than a bail bond may not be issued for a murder charge.

Price of a Murder Bond

The price of a murder bond is usually set at a very high amount – from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Defendants who have a history of prior arrests, or defendants who report a high income, will often receive the highest bond prices. The defendant’s lawyer may successfully argue down the price of the bond during the bond hearing – but in most bond hearings which address murder charges, the bond is always set high even when a lawyer is present.

Obtaining a Murder Bond

Once a defendant has received a bond amount from the judge, the defendant has three choices:

  • The defendant can pay for the entire bond in cash. The amount of the bond is returned when the defendant appears for the scheduled court hearing or trial.
  • The defendant can wait in jail until the day of the court hearing or trial.
  • The defendant can use the services of a bonding agency to obtain a surety bond for release. In most states, a defendant must pay the bonding agency 10% of the total bond fee – and the agency will charge additional fees for the bond issuance and bond services.

Defendants who want to use the services of a bonding agency to obtain release from jail after their court bond hearing will need to hire a bonding agency that specializes in issuing bonds for murder charges. Some bonding companies do not offer murder bond services; those that do often charge premium prices for these types of bonds due to the higher flight risk that is associated with murder arrest charges.

*The information in this article does not constitute legal advice. Please contact a legal professional in your local area for the best up-to-date and accurate legal advice.

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