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Moving Company Rates

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Moving company rates can be hourly or they can be a flat rate based on a combination of weight, distance and other factors. The type of move you are making will often determine the type of moving company rate you will get. Here are the different types of moving company rates and the factors that help determine them.

Hourly rates

Hourly moving company rates are used most often for short moves, such as across town or to a nearby town. These are particularly efficient for people moving from one apartment to another because there are generally fewer boxes and less furniture to move than in a house. If you pack your belongings yourself and have all your boxes organized and ready to go as soon as the movers arrive, the move should go very quickly.

Flat rates

Flat rate moves are also available for local moves, but these are more often used for long-distance moves and overseas moves. Rates may be based on the distance of the move, with anything over 100 miles constituting a long-distance move. Distances of less than 100 miles may simply be billed hourly. A flat moving company rate might also be determined by the weight of the contents being shipped.

Additional costs

Moving company rates can also include additional charges on top of the hourly or weight-based rates. Stairs in a new home or in an apartment complex can not only add to the time it takes to move you, resulting in a higher cost if you are being billed hourly, but they can also carry a premium charge on top of the base rate. High-value items, such as expensive jewelry or original artwork, can also cost extra because the moving company now has a higher liability.

Packing services also have an additional price tag. Some moving companies will not accept any liability for damages to items that they did not pack themselves, almost forcing you to use their packing service.

When you are planning a move, make sure you know what type of rates will work best for your move. Do this by getting several quotes and making sure that the moving company fully explains their rates, pricing structure and all the actual costs and potential additional costs you may face.

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