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Motel Safety Tips


Keeping safe while traveling should be a primary concern for travelers. While one should not be paranoid, there are definite motel safety tips travelers should utilize to minimize the possibility of foul play:

  1. Opt to stay at a motel with interior corridors where guests have to enter through a lobby, instead of the ones where rooms are accessible directly from parking lots. This will decrease the possibility of a stranger following you in, if they have to pass through a well-lit, possibly crowded lobby.
  2. When checking-in use a first initial and not your full first name. It reduces the likelihood that someone could overhear your name and use it against you in any way.
  3. Park in well-lit areas, close to entrances, and try to enter the motel with a group. Make sure your room key is ready before you get to the door.
  4. Always lock all doors and windows in your room. When traveling alone, keep shades/cutains drawn too. Use your Do Not Disturb sign on your door when leaving your room so it looks like your room is occupied.
  5. Never check into a room without a peephole, because you’ll have to open the door first to see who it is. Also never prop open a room door, as you may not know who has accessed your room while you were gone for just one minute.
  6. Never give out your room number unless you don’t care who visits you or may tell someone else where your room is.
  7. Never accept a room by an emergency exit as someone could use it as an undetected way into and out of the motel.
  8. Leave your travel itinerary with someone reliable back home and check in with them frequently. When sightseeing/exploring, always let someone know where you are going at all times, even if you have to phone home to do it.
  9. If possible, get to know the motel staff. It helps to know whom you are talking to, or the person who may be coming to your door for a delivery or repair, etc. If unsure, don’t open the door until you’ve checked with the front desk.
  10. Make sure you have a working smoke detector in your room, and if you have a flimsy door – purchase an adhesive personal door alarm that will emit a piercing noise if your door is opened.

Both men and women should heed these safety tips, but women are more likely to be followed or approached by an aggressor. These motel safety tips have been known to save lives. Use them each time you travel to help stay safe.

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