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Make a Splash with Mosquito Dunks

Mosquitoes and Disease
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Mosquito Dunks are not the latest in aerial acrobatics from the National Basketball Association. Rather, they are easy-to-use, affordable products for controlling mosquitoes in any location. Used monthly, they will reduce the mosquito population around your home, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors with little interference from the bothersome pests.

Dunks are environmentally friendly

Mosquito Dunks are composed of a variation of Basillus Thuringiensis v. israelensisdo (Bt-i) a pesticide that is highly specific and does not pose a threat to people or animals, only mosquitoes and blackflies. Their success lies in their ability to kill the larvae of these insects, preventing them from maturing into biting adults. Visit the site of the Environmental Protection Agency for a complete report on BT – i, and its use in controlling mosquitoes.

How mosquito dunks work

Professional exterminators have been using mosquito dunks since they first appeared on the market. Looking like doughnuts, dunks work by placing them in places with standing water. They are a few inches thick and about a half-inch in diameter (the size may vary by manufacturer). Dunks float on top of the water and gradually dissolve and the BT-i sinks to the bottom where the mosquito larvae feed on it.

Because the larvae die, they are not able to mature into the biting adults that is their be-all and end-all. A single dunk will treat about one hundred square feet of surface water; its depth is unimportant. Its doughnut shape allows it to be anchored through the hole, either by attaching it with a string or sliding it over a stake, to keep it in one place. The dunks can be easily broken into quarter sections to treat smaller areas – one quarter for up to twenty-five square feet, and so on. One dunk will kill larvae for thirty days.

Where to use mosquito dunks

Mosquito dunks can be used in any location that has standing water, including:

  • Bird baths
  • Ponds
  • Cisterns
  • Puddles
  • Gutters

They can also be used in places as small as the crotch of a tree, and even in places that have standing water only temporarily. If they dry out, no worries - They simply lie dormant until they get wet again. Unused dunks have an indefinite shelf life.

CAVEAT: Although mosquito dunks are not harmful to humans and other animals, do not use them to treat human drinking water. If you have water out for your pets to drink, change it regularly. As with all pesticides, carefully read the instructions and warnings.

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