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A Monitored Alarm Is More Effective

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Many homeowners understand the value of installing an alarm system in their homes. They even install infrared sensors and glass-breakage detectors to make sure their homes receive the most that technology has to offer. However, when it comes to deciding whether to have their alarm systems monitored, many opt out of this option. To effectively keep your home safe from unauthorized entry, statistics have shown that a monitored alarm is much more effective than an unmonitored one. A monitored alarm not only alerts authorities if a break-in occurs, but also offers several benefits that an unmonitored alarm fails to provide, including:

  • 24-hour monitoring services
  • Protection from home invasions
  • Peace of mind

24-hour Monitoring Services

Having a monitored alarm means that a team of highly trained dispatchers is watching over your home 24 hours a day. If a burglar attempts to enter your home, your alarm system immediately alerts a central monitoring center, where dispatchers send police to your home within minutes. This ensures that any burglars who succeed at entering your home are unable to escape with your valuable items. An unmonitored alarm, in contrast, relies solely on neighbors who may or may not hear your alarm and may or may not react. If no one witnesses the security breach or hears your alarm, the burglar escapes uncaught with your valuable possessions.

Protection from Home Invasions

In addition to providing 24-hour monitoring services, a monitored alarm also provides extensive protection from home invasions. Home invasions are the worst type of robbery because they occur when homeowners are at home and the intruder usually plans to harm them in some way. A monitored alarm can be life-saving in such an event, as it alerts authorities that an intruder is in your home and sends help when you need it most. Most monitored alarms also include a panic button for you to press in such situations. If your system is unmonitored, you are unable to use a panic button to notify police in the event an emergency occurs.

Peace of Mind

It only takes a few minutes for a burglar to break into your home, but the financial and emotional damage it can cause can last a lifetime. Having a monitored alarm alleviates this worry and provides peace of mind while letting you know your home is safe and secure at all times.

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