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Mold Damage

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Mold damage can be hidden for quite some time which makes it a health hazard. Green or black and fuzzy, mold has an organic look and can be found outside in a natural setting or inside when allowed to grow unbeknownst to a homeowner in warm, moist environments. Mold spores are a dangerous and potentially toxic form of fungus and no matter where it grows, it is causing damage to the object it is growing on. When mold creates a home on your furniture or walls, under carpeting, in the “bones” of your house or outside on trees or leaves, it is steadily decomposing the object it lives on. The mold spores, as they begin to breed and spread, break down whatever surface they inhabit, creating unsafe, unstable surfaces. Have you ever picked up a moldy book and had it fall apart in your hands? Imagine that may be happening to your insulation, drywall or under cabinets without your knowledge.

Mold damage can occur in many circumstances—some of which are preventable and others which are not. A leaky or burst pipe can easily start a mold infestation behind your walls or under your floorboards. A leaking roof in need of repair can help the development of mold in your attic, ceiling or walls. Fire clean up in your home or office can also result in the proliferation of mold spores.

Often airborne, mold spores can float from one area of your home or office to another and create a whole new colony, thereby exacerbating the amount of damage they inflict on your space. They can also be inhaled by unsuspecting family, friends and pets. If not removed properly and immediately, mold damage can go beyond just damaging your physical possessions. Mold damage can extend into your health and cause neurological, respiratory and intestinal damage.

As mold decomposes your property, it also causes staining on your possessions. Mold has to excrete its waste, as any organism does. This excretion causes stains that are sometimes impossible to remove. Countless antiques and family heirlooms have been lost because mold infestations were not cleaned properly or in a timely manner.

When cleaning up your home or office after a fire, it is not enough to clean the smoke and soot off of your walls, floors and furniture. You also need the help of a professional who can not only identify mold damage before it leads to something dangerous and toxic, but can also help completely clean it and stop it’s proliferation.

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