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Modern Interior Design Ideas

Interior Design and Decor
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Need a few modern interior design ideas in order to create your space? Look no further! Modern is typically all about simple, easy, and uncluttered. From flooring to lighting learn how to mix modern with each facet of the design process to achieve your look. Here's how to incorporate modern design elements into your home:

  1. Remember modern design is simple, functional, and clean. You'll never find clutter in a modern design, nor will there be overstuffed chairs, or ornamental furniture. When in doubt go without - because modern means minimal.
  2. Begin with walls that are painted in stark tones - black, white, red, orange or green are all appropriate choices.
  3. Floors should be bare - wood or plain painted floors, or covered linoleum could work well also. If any coverings are used, stick with industrial carpet, or area rugs which feature less "fluff."
  4. Find furniture pieces that will match the modern period. Look for items with clean, straight lines and a very simple design. Online auction sites, local antique shops and thrift stores are all good sources for uncovering affordable modern furniture.
  5. In a modern design these are very few items on display in the home. Save for artwork. Because there are less accessories and accents in a modern design, artwork is the primary way a space can be personalized to reflect its owner. Black and white photos or stark art would set the tone for your space.
  6. Play up the few pieces in the room selected as accents. Due to the minimalist approach, lighting is the preferred manner in which to pay homage to key accent pieces. Be sure to select lighting that will illuminate items most effectively.
  7. Window coverings should follow the design as well. Wooden, cellular, or bamboo blinds are an excellent choice for window coverings. If blinds are not desired, try basic sheers, drapes or valences to cover windows.

Use these modern interior design ideas to help create the minimalist space popular amongst the single crowd of today. Use stark color, bold prints, and phenomenal furniture to create the perfect look.

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