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Mobile Auto Repair

Auto Repair
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For the most part, auto repair requires specialized tools, diagnostic computers and equipment, and heavy machinery. All of this makes most mobile auto repair impractical at best, if not completely impossible. There are, however, some mobile auto repair procedures that can be done away from a garage. Many of these mobile auto repair services even work with your insurance, so in many cases you won’t even have to pay for anything.

Windshield and glass repair

Fixing cracks, scratches or chips in your windshield or windows only requires a few tools and can be done with a work truck. The technician will simply apply a glass repair resin and treat it with a special heating device. There is no need for you to go to a garage or service center. This work is often covered under the comprehensive portion of your insurance policy. If you have the necessary coverage the repair company will most likely bill your insurance company directly.

Tire repair

If your insurance policy includes roadside assistance or you are a member of AAA, then you are covered in case you blow out a tire while driving. If you don’t know how to change a tire or simply aren’t able to, then either your insurance company or AAA can send someone out to either change your tire or make a temporary repair to it that will allow you to safely drive to a service center. This type of mobile tire repair requires only a tire iron and jack or a can of tire sealant.

Battery charging

Sooner or later everyone accidentally forgets to turn their headlights off and returns to their car to find the battery drained. If you are covered under a roadside assistance plan you can have a mobile battery repair person come and jumpstart your car, also at no cost. Once your car is started, just letting it run for a few minutes will repower the battery. A set of jumper cables is the only equipment needed.

Most auto repairs require you to drive or tow your car to a service center. Some problems don’t require a lot of equipment, allowing technicians to perform mobile auto repair while you wait. Roadside assistance services can be added to your insurance policy, usually at a very low cost. If you use it even once, the convenience of mobile auto repair will be well worth the cost.

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