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Metal Roofs for Homes

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Metal roofs for homes are fast becoming a favorite roofing option and with good cause. Metal roofing is durable, light weight and comes in a variety of styles and colors. It out-performs traditional asphalt shingles in strength and longevity and is less expensive than cedar, slate or clay. But best of all metal roofing can be made to look like any of the more expensive roofing materials.

Basic Types of Metal Roofs for Homes

Metal roofing comes in three basic types: aluminum, copper and steel. Galvanized steel is the most common and is available in varying thicknesses and an array of colors. It is the most durable, yet surprisingly, the cheapest of the three metals. Aluminum is light weight, long lasting and falls within the mid-range of roofing prices. Copper is the most expensive and while it can be used for an overall roofing material it is most often used for flashing, trim or decorative accents.

Advantages of Metal Roofs for Homes

While asphalt shingles are rated to have a lifespan of 15 to 30 years, they may only last about half that time due to UV rays and environmental pollutants. On the other hand metal roofs for homes are warrantied for up to 50 years. They withstand high winds, torrential rains and heavy snow loads.

Metal is inherently resistant to fire and are an excellent choice in areas of the country where wildfires are common. Some states offer deductions on insurance policies for homes that have metal roofs. If you’re considering metal for a new home or as a replacement roof, talk with your insurance agent to find out what your savings might be.

Another advantage to metal roofs for homes is that they can also reduce cooling bills in the summer by reflecting the heat. In the winter snow tends to melt and slide off much faster than it does on a traditional asphalt shingle roof and less time snow is on the roof the less chance there is of leaks developing.

While metal roofs for homes may cost more initially, they can save you a considerable amount of money over time. Metal is easier to install, needs less maintenance and lasts longer than regular shingles.

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