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Hot Trends for Menís Hairstyles

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Today's hot trends for men's hairstyles include short, short cuts, moussed up feathers and spikes and showing off curls. To find the best haircut for your facial shape and hair type, consult with a local stylist.

Men's Hairstyles for Short Hair

Popular men's hairstyles for short hair include super short buzz cuts and shorter side and bottom cuts with longer hair on the top. What's different about these cuts? Most of them use techniques to shape the hair more than in the past to create a softer look, and it is common now to cut the hair with very short feathers and layers on the side. One of the more well-known short cuts for men leaves just enough hair for styling with hair mousse.

Men's Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Medium hairstyles for men are generally considered to be just above the shoulder or resting a little on the neck; medium cuts can also include those in which the hair on the top of the head, and sometimes the sides, is left to grow about an inch or longer than the back of the hair.

Men's trendy medium hairstyles include lifting up the hair on the forehead with mousse or gel to create an extra inch or so in height and cuts which can be used to create moussed up ‘bed-head' hairstyles. Long bangs draping around the forehead along with longer side feathers are also quite popular.

Men's Hairstyles for Long Hair

Men's hairstyles for long hair include shag cuts, dreads, layered cuts and cuts which can be used to enhance natural curls. The running theme behind long hairstyles for men is a somewhat messed-up, barely cared for type of style – but to achieve the style usually a little time and hairstyling products are needed even with the right hair cut.

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