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What is a Master Plumber?

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There are two basic levels of certified plumbers: a licensed professional plumber and a Master Plumber. Although both professionals are highly qualified, an individual who has earned his or her Master Plumber certification has more years of experience under his or her belt.

Master Plumber Qualifications

Every state has different qualifications for becoming a Master Plumber. However, most require plumbers to have several years of experience and pass a state exam to earn this distinction. Here’s an example of Master Plumber qualifications:

  • Experience Level - Typically seven to ten years of experience is required under the supervision of a Master Plumber.
  • Exam Requirements - This exam is typically administered by the city or state government. There may be two parts to the exam: multiple choice and practical application.
  • Documentation of Claims - The final step in this process usually includes submitting documentation that backs up the plumber’s experience level. This could be an affidavit that is completed by the employer, and/or a statement of earnings from the employer. The level of documentation will depend on the state.

Benefits of Using a Master Plumber

A Master Plumber has been acknowledged by the state or city government as having an advanced degree of knowledge. These individuals are typically charged with supervising staff to ensure the local plumbing code is followed, and have more hours of experience than others in the same profession. In addition, most states will only grant this certification to individuals that have the documentation to backup their experience level.

Cost of Hiring a Master Plumber

The cost of hiring a Master Plumber isn’t necessarily higher than normal plumbers. If these professionals are working for a company, they may be onsite managing the work of plumbers with less experience. However, if you hire one of these professionals directly, you can expect to pay a higher hourly rate.

Choosing the Right Master Plumber

When hiring a Master Plumber, it’s helpful to get a few different quotes. Ask if the professional will be onsite during the entire project or just checking up on other plumbers. Also, ask that plumbers base their bids on comparable materials. Once you’re ready to hire a Master Plumber, this will make the process much easier. And once you’ve made the big decision, don’t forget to finalize a contract before starting work. Even on the smallest project, this step helps avoid misunderstandings.

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