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What are the Types of Martial Arts Gear?

For the practitioner of the martial arts, martial arts gear can run the gamut from the most basic through extensively elaborate. With that, there is something for every budget and preference.

The equipment for martial arts falls into three categories: clothing, protection, and weaponry. There may be instances where some gear serves double-duty, but it will not fall outside these classifications.

Martial arts clothing

For the beginner, clothing needs to be nothing more than a pair of comfortable pants and a t-shirt. As training progresses, a student may wish to invest in a uniform, sometimes called a “gi” (sometimes spelled “ji”, but it is always pronounced “gee”). The gi consists of a top and pants, bound with a belt, the “obi.” The obi come in different colors, and are used to denote skill level, or rank. The obi is an earned article.

Gi’s may be decorated with patches or other insignia. These usually reflect school affiliation or accomplishments.

All clothing is available from a number of sources. Brick and mortar stores, on-line vendors, or from the student’s school. Prices vary, but they are reasonable. If you are comparing on-line prices to a traditional storefront, be sure to figure in shipping and handling to get a true comparison. Clothing purchased at the school may be a little higher, but the proceeds are usually reinvested in the organization.

Martial arts protective gear

As students advance, they naturally move towards contact. When that happens, protective gear is in order. There is a range of equipment for all parts of the body, including:

  • Footwear
  • Head protection
  • Face cages
  • Protective cups
  • Chest protectors
  • Hand protection
  • Mouthguard
  • Protection for joints

As with clothing, the protective martial arts gear is available from many sources, and prices are competitive, so shop around.

Martial arts weaponry

The weaponry martial arts students invest in depends on the discipline being studied. When buying material in this field, keep in mind that different municipalities have laws regarding what is legal and what is not. If you are purchasing equipment on-line, it is your responsibility to make sure it does not violate local laws. The traditional weaponry for training includes:

  • Nunchakus
  • attan sticks
  • Bo sticks
  • Swords
  • Knives
  • Escrima sticks
  • Kamas

Purchasing weaponry has an initial investment that is a little higher than subsequent purchases, because proper protective gear must also be purchased in order to protect injury.

When pursuing martial arts instruction, at some point it will become necessary to invest in martial arts gear. Depending on the skill level of the individual, this equipment is relatively inexpensive, especially when acquired over a period of time.

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