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Top 5 Marketing Jobs and Careers

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If you are looking into marketing jobs, then there is no shortage of career options from which to choose. Marketing is one of the broadest business fields available, allowing you to customize your job to fit your interests and areas of expertise. Review the top marketing jobs to find the career that most meets your needs.

Marketing Manager Jobs

Marketing managers are experienced marketers that oversee the marketing department of a business. With the help of marketing analysts, researchers and other employees, the marketing manager is responsible for guiding the business' overall marketing strategy. This may involve managing marketing budgets, approving marketing campaigns and reviewing market research to come up with organizational objectives.

Marketing Analyst Jobs

Marketing analysts are tasked with performing and reviewing research data as it relates to a company's products, sales or customers. Marketing analysts may review data to recommend ideal cities for a new store location, expected sales increases from an advertising campaign or how changes in pricing might affect sales. Marketing analysts deal with a lot of numbers and statistics, which may or may not appeal to you based on your interests.

Creative Marketing Jobs

There are a number of creative positions that can be had in the field of marketing. Writers, creative directors and graphic designers work together to create ad brochures, websites and other materials for advertising campaigns. They may also work directly with clients to create ad campaigns and help mold the image of a particular brand. If you like dealing with intangible ideas or visual arts, then the creative side of marketing may be for you.

Marketing Coordinator Jobs

Marketing coordinators might be considered the utility players of a marketing department. In many cases, they get to perform a wide variety of job tasks, allowing for a wide variety of versatility and creativity. Common job tasks include implementing marking campaigns, finding ways to improve product sales, coordinating public events, contacting media outlets and writing press releases.

Public Relations Marketing Jobs

Public relations is another arm of marketing that offers unique career paths. Public relations experts are responsible for promoting a positive brand image, improving publicity for clients and diminishing any bad press. Marketing jobs that deal with public relations may require the individual to write press releases, generate ideas for fostering corporate goodwill and collaborating with the creative department to build positive ad campaigns.

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