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Causes of Lower Neck Pain

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Lower neck pain is actually a very common problem. Known as cervicalgia by the medical community, lower neck pain is actually a condition that affects about two-thirds of the population of the United States at some point in their lifetime. While the neck is the part of the body that experiences pain when a person has cervicalgia, the cause of the pain is often located somewhere else in the neck or back area, including spinal problems that could be more serious. It is important to have your neck investigated by a medical practitioner to help you learn about your neck pain and what you can do to control it.

Causes of Lower Neck Pain

Lower neck pain is sometimes caused by tightness in the upper back and neck in the muscular system that throws the skeletal system and neurological systems out of whack. Your nerves may be pinched by an injury and the pain might settle within your neck. Another cause of your pain might be joint disruption within the neck and upper back. You can also look into the fact that the weight of your head, which is supported directly by your upper back and lower neck, may be causing your neck a lot of pain. Cervical vertebrae may become pinched as well, which is a common cause of lower neck pain.

You should realize that lower neck pain is very closely related to the weak structure of the neck. It is inherently not very strong, with lots of weight resting on only a few joints – almost all movement is dependent on just three at the top of the neck, to be exact. If there is not enough support for the head, the joints, tendons, and muscles in the neck become very sore. Without a strong support system, or with too much physical or emotional stress causing this system to lock up, it can be difficult to keep your lower neck pain at bay.

A chiropractor uses strategically placed movements, aimed with control and strength, to loosen up the neck and back and let it realign in proper position. Chiropractors might be able to help reduce your stress and physical tensions in order to let you move more freely – perhaps giving you even more mobility than you had before your soreness began. Look into a chiropractor who has a specialty of dealing with neck pain and does research especially about lower neck pain. Overall, chiropractors have lots of ways in which they treat lower neck pain and you should consult with a physician or doctor of chiropractic to find out what may work best in your case.

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