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How to Lower My Electric Bill

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At some point in almost every persons life, they ask the question, "how to lower my electric bill?" There are two possible answers: you need to either change the way you get electricity or who you get it from; or you need to change the way you loose electricity. For many people, there is little room to change their electrical provider or to change the plan on which they use electricity, so the best answer to the question of how to lower my electric bill is normally to change your habits.

How to Lower My Electric Bill

When you are having a hard time paying your electric bill, consider a call to the company providing your electricity. If you are a lower income individual, they may have a low income plan that allows you to obtain reduced price electricity. You will need to provide proof of your tax returns and other proof of income in many cases to qualify. If you do not qualify but you still want to lower your electric bill, try to shop around and see if there are multiple providers of electricity in your area and if there are, compare rates. If there are not, then ask your electrical company about different payment plans they may have that allow you to lower your bill, such as plans that reward you for using most of your energy or electricity during off-peak hours.

Once you have done all you can with your electric company and they have helped you as much as possible in answering the question of how to lower my electric bill, then it is time to look at what behavior you are doing that causes your electric bill to be high, and at what changes you can make that will lower your cost of electricity.

Make sure your home is energy efficient and that heat and cooled air is not leaking out. Minimize the use of air conditioning and heating by adjusting your thermostat or installing a programmable thermostat. Turn off appliances and lights when not in use, and think about unplugging them. Run appliances only when necessary, such as running only full loads in your dish washer or washing machine. Every time you consider using an item in your home that requires electricity, think about the cost that you will pay for that electricity and determine whether it is a worthwhile cost to use that item. If you can wait a little longer to turn on your light, for example, or you can use a toaster oven to heat up your dinner instead of turning on the oven, you will be well on your way to answering the question of how to lower my electric bill.

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