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Looking for a Theme Hotel?


A theme hotel is the ideal solution for travelers who want something different from the tried and true accommodations of a hotel chain, or are seeking a change from the basic services at a typical vacation destination, or are looking for that WOW factor for their next vacation.

A large number of theme hotels are located in resort cities such as Orlando, Florida, Las Vegas and Atlantic City, New Jersey, but they can also be found elsewhere in the United States and all over the world.

You can find a theme hotel built around virtually any scenario you can imagine, but some of the most popular hotel themes include tropical paradise, fairytale castles, Victorian inns, and the Wild West. Theme hotels usually have a continuous theme that runs throughout all of their rooms and public spaces, but some hotels have a different theme for each hotel room. For example, you may be able to book an Egyptian tomb-themed room or a palatial Roman suite within the same hotel.

Many popular theme hotels are built around casinos. Las Vegas is world famous for its myriad luxury hotels and casinos. Many of the famed Las Vegas hotels are in fact theme hotels, ranging in motif from Egyptian tomb to New York skyline to pirate's cove. For many Vegas tourists, theme hotels are an essential part of the experience. Vegas is all about indulgences and over-the-top fun, and the theme hotels there give visitors many options for a fantasy vacation.

In these theme hotels, the motif is usually evident in every aspect of the hotel, from front lobby to the guest rooms to the pool and the hotel shops. The hotel staffers wear costumes in keeping with the theme, and most of the hotel's eateries serve cuisine that is centered on the theme.

Not all theme hotels are casino based, however. Many tropical vacation destinations feature theme resorts, usually inspired by the natural surroundings and the local culture. Themed beachfront hotels are great fun for families, because they often offer lots of kid-friendly activities and attractions. If you're planning a romantic getaway, you may want to consider one of many couples-themed hotels and resorts that cater to couples looking for privacy and romance.

Searching online is one way to explore all your options for a theme vacation. A travel agent can also recommend some unusual destinations. You can find an underwater hotel situated in a lagoon that is only accessed by scuba diving, or a hotel built into a series of volcanic caves, or even a treehouse. You can find hotels that take you to outer space (figuratively, of course), medieval castles, or even to prison. Whatever your fantasy, there is likely to be a theme hotel that will fill the bill for a unique vacation or weekend getaway.

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