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Find a Locksmith Before You Need One

Locks and Locksmiths
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You don't want to find yourself standing outside at two in the morning realizing you are locked out of your house and don't have a way to find an emergency locksmith. Even if you have a phone book, do you really want to pick someone random from the phone book when you are tired and desperate for help? Choosing out of desperation doesn’t allow you to shop for price or check references or reputation of a company you are thinking about working with.

An hour or so of homework up front can have the number of a reputable locksmith in your wallet or purse. That way, when an emergency happens, you know who to call and you know the price will be reasonable.

Here are a few things to look for when looking for a dependable locksmith:

Professional Organizations - There are many professional locksmith organizations. Some are national, like the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA). There are also state-specific professional locksmith organizations. If your locksmith is a member of a professional organization you can call and find out if he is a member in good standing and if there have been any complaints made. You can also contact professional organizations to recommend a locksmith in your area.

Reputation and Experience - Make sure your locksmith is someone you want to call. Visit a few local locksmith shops and talk to the owner. Find out if he has employees and if they do emergency jobs 24-hours a day. Ask what they have expertise in and what jobs they do most often and see if they have any customers you can ask for a reference.

Pricing – Compare pricing on the most common services you may need. Your car locks, your home locks, and anything else you think you may need a locksmith for. Ask about costs for emergency service and how long it takes them to respond to an emergency call.

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