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Picking the Best Local Florists

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There are some important things you should consider when choosing the best local florists to suit your needs. All florists aren't created equal, and being able to offer you variety, good value and a creative approach is important.

Evaluating the Best Local Florists in Your Area

Great florists have good word of mouth buzz associated with their business. Ask around your community about florists near you. There's a good chance that one name will stand out. Those are the folks that should get your attention.

Do your homework on any candidates you have in mind. Ask your Better Business Bureau or local watchdog organization about their business practices, especially if you're planning on using them for a large event, like a wedding. Ask customers who've used them before if the florist was reasonably priced and true to his word about the nature of the arrangement and the time it took to prepare and deliver it. Check the actual shop to make sure that it's clean, nicely decorated, and well cared for. During your visit the staff should be visible, friendly, and helpful.

Whenever possible, choose a florist that is close to your work or home. If you'll need to transport flowers yourself, you'll want your supplier centrally located. Flowers are perishable, and transporting them long distances in a hot car can ruin your bouquet and cheerful mood. Play it safe and prefer florists that are friendly and close by.

Choose florists who welcome your input. If you know your girlfriend or mother loves rosemary, lavender, or snapdragons, a creative and customer oriented florist will find ways to incorporate your ideas into his creations. When you support these innovators, you're rewarding talent. A great florist will have your interests at heart and give you options. If a florist suggests classic flower arrangements, like a bouquet of roses, and also mentions the lower cost seasonal blooms he has available, it's a sign that he's customer oriented.

When you do find a florist you like, stick with him. Florists rely on repeat business, and if you think about it, giving flowers for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries is a great, low-stress option. Being a regular customer can net you discounts, special services and the knowledge that you're supporting a business in your community. Check out some local florists near you, and start a relationship.

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