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Can Life Coaching Help a Small Business

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Life coaching involves relying on experts who determine if you are accomplishing all that you would like with your life. A life coach discovers an individual's innermost feelings and motivations and determines if there is a disconnect between the life you want and live you are currently living.

Life Coaching for the Small Business Owner

Many life coaches say that most of the same tactics and methods involved in life coaching are also utilized for business coaching. In fact, life coaches argue that for many small business owners, the effort and intensity required to operate a successful small business makes it impossible to separate the person from the small business for the purposes of coaching. Setting and reaching goals, fixing areas that aren't working well and following a plan for success can apply to both business and personal issues.

Areas of Life Coaching That Can Help Business Owners

The main difference between life coaches and business coaches is the lack of specific business expertise, such as marketing knowledge and financing know-how. However, there are many areas of life coaching that would be helpful in someone's personal life and also beneficial to that person's ability to excel as a small business owner. Those areas include:

  • Improved communication. Relationships of all kinds can suffer and become stagnant without effective communication. That could mean telling a loved one how much they mean to you or simply better communicating your wants and desires to your partner or family members in general. Similarly, a business owner must be able to communicate effectively to make sure everyone in the company has the same vision and understands the path to take to reach company goals.
  • Facing fears. Uncomfortable, difficult issues and relationships are often buried. Often, however, people are held back by these unresolved issues and the pretense that they don't exist. Life coaching focuses on ways to find and overcome these stumbling blocks to personal fulfillment. In business, fears - ranging from the fear of hiring new people, taking on financing or considering expanding - could be stopping a business owner from his or her goal of a growing and thriving company.
  • Identifying goals. What is it that you really want in life and why aren't you taking the steps to achieve your goals? Life coaching explores the goals that, for some reason, you aren't moving forward to reach. In business, identifying goals to create a road map for success is vital.
  • Becoming positive and fearless. How much more could you accomplish in a day if you took charge, delegated tasks and simply were not afraid to fail? That relationship with your in-laws or an ostracized relative could be dealt with if you were not afraid of making a difficult situation even worse. In business, trusting your vision and having the courage to reach for all of your goals can mean the difference between success and failure.

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