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Learning Activities for Two-Year-Olds

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Two-year-olds are not too young to learn, and there are plenty of learning activities for 2 year olds. Many of these activities can lead to enhanced language and motor skills. The games and activities should engage your child, or they won't enjoy playing them, so be sure to choose the games and toys your child enjoys the most to get the most educational benefit.

Educational Activities

Many of these activities use aids like stencils or printed alphabets to teach children about their numbers and letters. They can copy the letters or stencils, and you can help them learn the letters and numbers. Or, you can buy them building blocks with ABCs and encourage them to use them in order, so they learn the alphabet while they're playing. After they learn the alphabet, show them how to make short words with blocks, and encourage them to experiment with the sounds of the letters.

Dress up is a wonderful learning activity for two year old boys and girls. That's because it encourages hundreds of different ways to mix and match the dress up clothes, which stimulates your child's imagination and creativity. To give your child free reign, set aside a cardboard box that you fill with clothing you've decided is perfect for dressing up. Let them mix and match the outfits they like the best. If you want to get involved, teach them about colors, and what each article of clothing is used for. They'll also learn how to dress themselves, and to use things like buttons and zippers.

Two-year-olds are developing physically and mentally, so they need learning activities that can help their brains grow and their bodies become stronger. They are learning to clap, hop, and even dance, so musical toys that allow them to get exercise while developing their coordination are great learning tools. Many electronic games play a rhythm or song and then have your child recreate it, so look for these types of toys when you're looking for good learning activities for 2 year olds.

Two-year-olds need to be learning and challenged every day. Use CDs or DVDs that help reinforce things they've learned. You can find learning activities geared specifically to your child's age and abilities, and allow them to view them as often as they want. Easy board games, puzzles, and matching games, all available online, are also good learning activities for your child.

Learning activities for 2 year olds are important, because they can form the foundation of learning early, when it becomes fun instead of a chore. Building that foundation can lead to your child's success at school and in the future.

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