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How to Choose a Lawyer

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No matter where you live or what your situation is, you probably have a variety of lawyers to pick from, but finding the lawyer who is best qualified to handle your case can be easier with these tips.

Local Lawyer

Whenever possible, use a lawyer that is local to the case. Whether it is a DUI or divorce, a local attorney has community ties, a working if not personal knowledge of the lawyers on the other side, and working connections to local law enforcement and judges, all of which can be used help you.

Lawyer Referrals

Personal references are great for almost any type of case, but you might be in a situation where you are not comfortable asking friends or family for advice. In these situations, referrals from local lawyers can be particularly helpful. Also, local yellow page listings can give you names that can be further researched using your local library’s copy of the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory which lists peer and client reviews and ratings. Other referral can come from your county clerk, court bailiff, court reporter and even the security guards at the court house. They see lawyers every day and may know better than anyone who has the best reputation.

Lawyer Teams and Personnel

You want the paralegals and office personnel of any lawyer you hire to be as professional and welcoming as your lawyer. Odds are they will work with your attorney on your case, and you need to have as much faith in them as you do your attorney.

Go With Your Gut

Initial consultations are normally free, so use this time to get a feel for the person who will be working for your best interests. You lawyer should be interested in your case, explain the process you will be facing and how it will affect you. Your lawyer should not seem too busy, and should give even a simple case the same attention as a serious case. You want to know that your lawyer will be available to you. Some will even give you their home and cell phone numbers. You should not hire a lawyer until you have discussed fees and obligations and how you will be billed.

Your part

Once you have hired your lawyer, it is in your best interest to give as clear and truthful account of the situation as you can. Any information given to your lawyer is held in confidence and can only be used to help your case.


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